Smokey The Bear

from by Aquarius WolfGod

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Thank you, Mr. Miyagi. Rest In Peace, Pat Morita.


I don't know how much more I can take
Pedal to the floor, hit the brakes
Face first through the windshield like get real
I had everything and it slipped through my fingers
Was under the thumb of delusion
I checked the index of suspects that I could flip off
And got rung out like a wash cloth
Tried to knuckle my way out
But the hand of god squeezed the life outta me
Felt like a walker in a zombie spree
Like misery gave me a lobotomy
I tried to plea for mercy and took flight like an angel
And got caught by demons
Found the haven where heaven was hiding
And found it was full of heathens
Coughin and heavin...
These could be my last breaths
From my lungs to the tongue
My last act of contribution under the sun
Wonderin what the fuck I could do
To feel like this is worth it at all
And I don't want perfect at all
I just wanna feel like I have purpose is all
Who am I kiddin...
The truth isn't hidden...
It's waitin to be created...
And see, that's beautiful...
But I just lost my last close friend
We used to laugh to no end
It was fucked enough already that my family abandoned me
Everything was clear a little while ago, why can't I see?
The forest for the flaming trees
Wait... why are the trees on fire?!
I just wanna go to sleep, I'm tired...
A little bit of love was my only desire
As I pick up the shotgun and point it at my head
Maybe life will be better when I'm dead
Maybe my last thought'll be the color of blood - why red?
Something I never learned in any of the 4 books that I read
Wait a minute...
I could choose to be anything in the world, why dead?
Yo FUCK this shotgun
FUCK this sad shit, it's not fun!
FUCK complainin about the hot sun!
I'm not done... there are losers and I am NOT one!
I put my hand in the oven, grab me some hot buns!
'Cause it's WORTH burnin my hand for!
I'm a proud, strong, sexy, talented, ingenious
Kind, lovin, no-nonsense man whore!
I know the beat makes you wanna cry
But DROP that ass to the damn floor!
We're not givin up, man... FUCK that!
Fuck that, we're ABOVE that!
I create happiness, life I love that
So haters, my dick, SUCK that
My shirt, lemme TUCK that
It's time bounce the fuck back
I think I just heard a duck quack

I think I just heard a duck quack
It's time to bounce the fuck back
It's time to blast up outta this quicksand
Lemme put on my mud flaps


from Paradigm Shift, released February 15, 2017



all rights reserved


Aquarius WolfGod Lockport, New York

Aquarius WolfGod is not interested in clownery. The WolfGod is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, emcee, composer, producer, poet, comedian, dancer, and part-time chef who doesn't care about race, gender, orientation, distractions, or circus foolishness of that nature. ... more

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