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This one speaks for itself.


Part 1: "GODtcha"

I am satan, I am the angel of light
I am yahuah, I am mightiest of might
I am jesus, I am jesus h christ
I am allah, I am buddha by night
I am god, I am the most high
I am santa claus, why would I lie?
People should love each other and be polite
There's some truth, now my religion seems nice
Join my congregation, everyone else is wrong
They're being deceived, they need us to help along
I am the tooth fairy, I got money for your pillow
I am the god of jell-o
I AM THE GOD OF HATRED, I'm a god that's more mellow :)
I'm the sex god, I'm better than the next god
I'm the illuminati god, I'm the hex god
If you worship me, it's buy one get one free
On bible sales this week, you are so so weak
You are getting sleepy, very very sleep

Whatcha gonna do now?
Fuck you gonna do now?

I'm the boogey monster, I live under ya bed
I'm the demon in the dumpster inside of ya head
I'm the excuse for every stupid fuckin thing that you do
I'm there to use as a blindfold to hide from the truth
I'm your addiction, get a fix, snort some lines from these scriptures
I'm your favorite doctor's recommended prescription
I'm the doctor's note that you send to the teacher
To avoid responsibility to anyone but your preacher

Part 2: "God Damn God"

god DAMN IT!!!
Leave me alone, god
I'm my own god
I wish I'd never known god
Wish I'd never invited him into my home, god
Damn it... if only I had known, god
That your purpose was only to keep me alone, god
And keep me in the dead zone, god
It's all because you said so, god
No meaning, no joy in your home, god
No, god... NO GOD!
Just go, god
I don't wanna serve you anymore, god
I refuse to be your whore, god
you make me miserable and bored, god
Watch me flip it, motherfucker, I''m YOUR god
I really tried to adore god
"Yes sir, yes massah, sure, god!"
Seemed that all I did was bore god
So he had me chasing doors, god
And every time I'd get to one, they weren't open anymore, god
Good lord, god
What's the point of all this horror, god?
When do I get my armor and sword, god?
Why you got me chasing shadows, god?
I'm already strong, why is everything a battle, god?!
Why do I feel like your cattle, god?
Being milked for everything that I have by god
My god, my god
You tell me to hate my own flesh, my god
Then you turn around and tell me to treat it best, my god
You promised to let me in your nest, my god
Tell me it's to the east, then forced me to go west, my god
What's the fucking deal, my god?!
What exactly is it you want me to FEEL, my god?!
Are you even REAL, my god?!
Clever how you refuse to self-reveal, my god...
you must be one ugly fucking god
So scared to show your true colors when I look for god
Nowhere to be found when I search for god
Especially when I'm bleeding out and hurt for god
Wow, what a perfect god...
So loving, so truthful, I can learn from god
he teaches us brutal lessons, god
And punished us for the choices of our ancestors, god
he's the bestest bestest BESTEST god!
he'll send me to hell if I worship any of the REST of gods
he sent his own son to DIE, god
My god... WHY god?!
If you're really god then why are you so GOD DAMN silly, god?
Why'd you create me just to kill me if I'm not willing, god?
I know, I know why, I get it, god...
It's cause I brought god into existence, god
Damn, I went to the doctor for an examination
And got indoctrinated, boxed and raped
And rocked with ancient rotten ways to box your face in
With a doctrine that's not so sacred, god
god is good, but he's missing one of the o's
And that's not good enough for me, HELL no
Matter of fact, lemme step away from this mirror
I finally cast god out, all he was was my fear...

I'm one with the rain
I'll be one with the rain
Singing in the rain


from Paradigm Shift, released February 15, 2017



all rights reserved


Aquarius WolfGod Lockport, New York

Aquarius WolfGod is not interested in clownery. The WolfGod is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, emcee, composer, producer, poet, comedian, dancer, and part-time chef who doesn't care about race, gender, orientation, distractions, or circus foolishness of that nature. ... more

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