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I had finally broken the chains of religion. This song still brings a tear to my eye when I listen to or perform it. I remember listening to this in my iPod along with hundreds of other inspiring songs all summer long in 2015, walking by the canal. A healing experience.


I fly high in the sky, sore low when I feel low
Hop from rainbow to rainbow
Downstairs is too painful
I don't touch drugs, I elevate my mind manually
I'll come down eventually
Once I stabilize my sanity
All these people treatin me like a statue, see
I got stone skin, but I ain't stone
A b-plan guy's not what I plan to be
If I can't live life like I wanna live it
Then I'm gonna give it, tryin to
Made a vow a while back that I would never lie to you
It's your problem if you deny the truth
But I got nothin to hide from you
Doo doo doo doo dough to doo
Listen as I hum a tune
Got a lotta old fans, but a lot are new
Peace and love to you
I may be in the clouds, but that's the only way I'm 'bove a' you
We all matter, I don't believe that all people were created equal
Because I don't believe we were created
Live ya life now, stop prayin' that you'll make it
On some day after death where we get judged naked
That shit is all fakeness, how come we're the only animals that have racists?
We are creators
Who cares if we're creations? We crawl through craters in the middle of space, it's
Beautiful... and we don't need to lie about it
So, The Matrix, climb up out it
I will never stop rhymin 'bout it
'Til I am outed
Maybe god exists, but I just doubt it
And do not give a fuck about it
'Cause it doesn't change the way I should live
The way I should give, the way I should get
The way I should build, the way I should spit
Positive is positive and negative is negative
Good is good and bad is bad, and there ain't no changin it
The universe is beautiful
You already knew that, though
Look at it, yo
Look at it, yo
Look at it, go.


from Paradigm Shift, released February 15, 2017



all rights reserved


Aquarius WolfGod Lockport, New York

Aquarius WolfGod is not interested in clownery. The WolfGod is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, emcee, composer, producer, poet, comedian, dancer, and part-time chef who doesn't care about race, gender, orientation, distractions, or circus foolishness of that nature. ... more

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