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I don't know about the other star signs, but mine is spot-on.


Here be Aquarius
Appearin' nefarious
Sincerely just really just changin' the way that the globe spins
Long as the sun's glowin'
I am Atlas, behold balance, carry the world on its axis
Behold the seasons of change
Snapshots of dead leaves, yet you see me as strange
Nerds rule the world
We put power in dollars, words, jewels and pearls
The beauty in the eye of the beholders
Flames of fury in the eye of the lion
Radiate through my spine made of iron
I soar through infinity
A sight for an eye sore, I'm more than divinity
I AM the future, join me or get outta my way
The future's androgynous, the future is grey
The balance of black and white under bluer skies
The absence of fear of the question "Who am I?"
Live is my answer to "Do or die?"
I am the antithesis to suicide
I embody everything that brews inside
I believe I can fly
'Cause a couple brothers did and invented the biplane
I don't just see with my eyes
Pineal gland decalcified, my third eye trained
On the prize with no cash price
Freedom, the milk drawn out by the proverbial galactite
Glimpse in the dark, climb out ya box, it ain't packed right
Ain't tryna settle for the glow of a black light
The sun's out, gotta run, gotta gun down
Some challenges, time for some travelin
No dumb down, time for fun, gotta jump now
Have a gatherin, after it, maybe play me some backgammon
The sun's down, time to bunk the clock's unwound
'Cause time is somethin I'm imaginin
I clock out, The Sand Man stands as Kung Pao
Rejuvenate as my hourglass fill with sand again

And I be who I am, my friend
And I do what I wanna do
And it goes on and on with the ampersands
Even beyond buildin Xanadu
And I be who I am, my friend
And I do what I wanna do
And it goes on and on with the ampersands
Even beyond buildin Xanadu


from Paradigm Shift, released February 15, 2017



all rights reserved


Aquarius WolfGod Lockport, New York

Aquarius WolfGod is not interested in clownery. The WolfGod is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, emcee, composer, producer, poet, comedian, dancer, and part-time chef who doesn't care about race, gender, orientation, distractions, or circus foolishness of that nature. ... more

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