Paradigm Shift

by Aquarius WolfGod

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Welcome to my world... This album is a journal of my paradigm shift. A prelude to the rest of my ever-unfolding story, this cinematic musical chronicle takes you from January 2015 when I lost my band, my girlfriend, and my religion, to December 2016 after completing my rebirth as a human being. Enjoy the ride, and have a lovely fucking week. - Aquarius WolfGod, formerly known as Glyphick


released February 15, 2017

All songs written, produced, performed, and mixed by myself in my bedroom studio. "Outro" features additional voice acting by JonSoul. Shout out to Cris, Jon, Marcus, Keith, Beth, Noah, Hannah, Toophey, Delaney, Mike, Kirsten, Emily, my favorite tattoo artist Melissa, Anna, Marcell, Jaquan, Brandon, Mario, Holly, Jade, Mom, Dad, Kiara, James, Melanie, Artonius, Cor, LG, Brian, bl4ck, Stakha, Arianna, the guy who helped me when I got in a bike accident, the flight attendant who let me use his phone to set up transportation once I landed in California, the homeless guy who helped me find my hotel in exchange for a few bucks, Elliott Hulse, Owen Cook, Preston Smiles, Alexi Panos, Prince Ea, Teal Swan, Ralph Smart, Julien Blanc, Tai Lopez, Brandon Carter, Sam Harris, all my jealous haters, the few beautiful people who have been there for me through this paradigm shift, and countless others who have been a part of my journey in one way or another. Everything I have been through, the good and the bad... I cherish the good memories and learn from the difficult memories. Love to all. So it begins.



all rights reserved


Aquarius WolfGod Lockport, New York

Aquarius WolfGod is not interested in clownery. The WolfGod is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, emcee, composer, producer, poet, comedian, dancer, and part-time chef who doesn't care about race, gender, orientation, distractions, or circus foolishness of that nature. ... more

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Track Name: Mind Control
Fuck your mind control
Take a shit and drown in a toilet bowl
Flush your life in a sewer hole
Leave me alone, leave me alone
Fuck your brain washing
Fuck all who is watching
Judge me, judge me, judge me
But you will not budge me, budge me
Images of demon angels
Thrown at me from every angle
In your web I was tangled
From your cliff I dangled
But I chewed off the ropes
And I screamed no, no, no, no, no
It's time for you to go
It's time for you to go
I was in the devil's hole
Orders he would dole
Conflicting lies, pull and pull
Tug of war, he wants us all to be all of his fucking whores
No more no more no more!
I cry out from my soul
I climb out of this hole
And leave it all behind
I cross the line, the line
And leave this all behind
Track Name: Creation
I fly high in the sky, sore low when I feel low
Hop from rainbow to rainbow
Downstairs is too painful
I don't touch drugs, I elevate my mind manually
I'll come down eventually
Once I stabilize my sanity
All these people treatin me like a statue, see
I got stone skin, but I ain't stone
A b-plan guy's not what I plan to be
If I can't live life like I wanna live it
Then I'm gonna give it, tryin to
Made a vow a while back that I would never lie to you
It's your problem if you deny the truth
But I got nothin to hide from you
Doo doo doo doo dough to doo
Listen as I hum a tune
Got a lotta old fans, but a lot are new
Peace and love to you
I may be in the clouds, but that's the only way I'm 'bove a' you
We all matter, I don't believe that all people were created equal
Because I don't believe we were created
Live ya life now, stop prayin' that you'll make it
On some day after death where we get judged naked
That shit is all fakeness, how come we're the only animals that have racists?
We are creators
Who cares if we're creations? We crawl through craters in the middle of space, it's
Beautiful... and we don't need to lie about it
So, The Matrix, climb up out it
I will never stop rhymin 'bout it
'Til I am outed
Maybe god exists, but I just doubt it
And do not give a fuck about it
'Cause it doesn't change the way I should live
The way I should give, the way I should get
The way I should build, the way I should spit
Positive is positive and negative is negative
Good is good and bad is bad, and there ain't no changin it
The universe is beautiful
You already knew that, though
Look at it, yo
Look at it, yo
Look at it, go.
Track Name: Emancipation
Part 1: "GODtcha"

I am satan, I am the angel of light
I am yahuah, I am mightiest of might
I am jesus, I am jesus h christ
I am allah, I am buddha by night
I am god, I am the most high
I am santa claus, why would I lie?
People should love each other and be polite
There's some truth, now my religion seems nice
Join my congregation, everyone else is wrong
They're being deceived, they need us to help along
I am the tooth fairy, I got money for your pillow
I am the god of jell-o
I AM THE GOD OF HATRED, I'm a god that's more mellow :)
I'm the sex god, I'm better than the next god
I'm the illuminati god, I'm the hex god
If you worship me, it's buy one get one free
On bible sales this week, you are so so weak
You are getting sleepy, very very sleep

Whatcha gonna do now?
Fuck you gonna do now?

I'm the boogey monster, I live under ya bed
I'm the demon in the dumpster inside of ya head
I'm the excuse for every stupid fuckin thing that you do
I'm there to use as a blindfold to hide from the truth
I'm your addiction, get a fix, snort some lines from these scriptures
I'm your favorite doctor's recommended prescription
I'm the doctor's note that you send to the teacher
To avoid responsibility to anyone but your preacher

Part 2: "God Damn God"

god DAMN IT!!!
Leave me alone, god
I'm my own god
I wish I'd never known god
Wish I'd never invited him into my home, god
Damn it... if only I had known, god
That your purpose was only to keep me alone, god
And keep me in the dead zone, god
It's all because you said so, god
No meaning, no joy in your home, god
No, god... NO GOD!
Just go, god
I don't wanna serve you anymore, god
I refuse to be your whore, god
you make me miserable and bored, god
Watch me flip it, motherfucker, I''m YOUR god
I really tried to adore god
"Yes sir, yes massah, sure, god!"
Seemed that all I did was bore god
So he had me chasing doors, god
And every time I'd get to one, they weren't open anymore, god
Good lord, god
What's the point of all this horror, god?
When do I get my armor and sword, god?
Why you got me chasing shadows, god?
I'm already strong, why is everything a battle, god?!
Why do I feel like your cattle, god?
Being milked for everything that I have by god
My god, my god
You tell me to hate my own flesh, my god
Then you turn around and tell me to treat it best, my god
You promised to let me in your nest, my god
Tell me it's to the east, then forced me to go west, my god
What's the fucking deal, my god?!
What exactly is it you want me to FEEL, my god?!
Are you even REAL, my god?!
Clever how you refuse to self-reveal, my god...
you must be one ugly fucking god
So scared to show your true colors when I look for god
Nowhere to be found when I search for god
Especially when I'm bleeding out and hurt for god
Wow, what a perfect god...
So loving, so truthful, I can learn from god
he teaches us brutal lessons, god
And punished us for the choices of our ancestors, god
he's the bestest bestest BESTEST god!
he'll send me to hell if I worship any of the REST of gods
he sent his own son to DIE, god
My god... WHY god?!
If you're really god then why are you so GOD DAMN silly, god?
Why'd you create me just to kill me if I'm not willing, god?
I know, I know why, I get it, god...
It's cause I brought god into existence, god
Damn, I went to the doctor for an examination
And got indoctrinated, boxed and raped
And rocked with ancient rotten ways to box your face in
With a doctrine that's not so sacred, god
god is good, but he's missing one of the o's
And that's not good enough for me, HELL no
Matter of fact, lemme step away from this mirror
I finally cast god out, all he was was my fear...

I'm one with the rain
I'll be one with the rain
Singing in the rain
Track Name: Double Bastard
I'm a double bastard
An orphan on an island
Every corner I turn, I wonder if it's my end
Dead ends, tryna make ends meet
Madness is what the world sends me
Feel like I'm bacon in the fryin' pan at Denny
Dead meet, abandoned, wounded no bandaid
Bleedin, wonderin why I'm breathin
What's the point of the turnin of the season
If corners aren't turned, and joy ain't found
People need pride and this boy ain't proud
I come from the dump, the bottom of the sess pit
Realized recently, I missed some of the best bits
Of childhood, and I could never get that time back
Was on some Walter Bishop shit, tryna find a time crack
Lost my head been tryna get my mind back
But it's hard lookin for happiness in midnight snacks
I'm turnin shit to sugar, sold what I had
I feel so distant from my mother and my dad
I'm a double bastard, sometimes I wonder how I've lasted
Used to give credit to the fairy tale of god
Then it occured to me that god had stolen half of my life
So if I die livin how the fuck I want
Last I'll be smilin when death jabs me with its knife
Fuckin xenophobic cowards always pointin and peaking
So many weak links, so many weaklings
Chickens with beaks, wings, and no head
I'd be happier with no bed
Then slavin 'til retirement, fuckin 'round at age 60 on a snow sled
Nah, bunch of junk in the shed?
You can keep your American dream
You heard what I said!
Fuck that, I'll tell ya what life is
You're gonna like this
I'm a double bastard
Track Name: I'm Scared (Just Jump)
My legs feel like they're broken
Because my brain insists they are
But my brain feels like it's broken
My fear has become my radar
Why is everything so frightening?
Why is easiness so hard?
My thoughts branch out like lightning
But my body only goes so far
Like a busted up old car
With a rusted up muffler
Where's my courage and my power
And my presence in the moment
I refuse to be a coward
I'mma do it 'cause I wanna
I'mma let out all my trauma
'Cause I'm the boss of all my karma

And, I won't be a slave to my brain
I won't be a slave to my body
I won't be a slave to my brain
I won't be a slave to my body
I won't be a slave to my brain
I won't be a slave to my body
I won't be a slave to my brain
I will not be a slave to society
Track Name: Smokey The Bear
I don't know how much more I can take
Pedal to the floor, hit the brakes
Face first through the windshield like get real
I had everything and it slipped through my fingers
Was under the thumb of delusion
I checked the index of suspects that I could flip off
And got rung out like a wash cloth
Tried to knuckle my way out
But the hand of god squeezed the life outta me
Felt like a walker in a zombie spree
Like misery gave me a lobotomy
I tried to plea for mercy and took flight like an angel
And got caught by demons
Found the haven where heaven was hiding
And found it was full of heathens
Coughin and heavin...
These could be my last breaths
From my lungs to the tongue
My last act of contribution under the sun
Wonderin what the fuck I could do
To feel like this is worth it at all
And I don't want perfect at all
I just wanna feel like I have purpose is all
Who am I kiddin...
The truth isn't hidden...
It's waitin to be created...
And see, that's beautiful...
But I just lost my last close friend
We used to laugh to no end
It was fucked enough already that my family abandoned me
Everything was clear a little while ago, why can't I see?
The forest for the flaming trees
Wait... why are the trees on fire?!
I just wanna go to sleep, I'm tired...
A little bit of love was my only desire
As I pick up the shotgun and point it at my head
Maybe life will be better when I'm dead
Maybe my last thought'll be the color of blood - why red?
Something I never learned in any of the 4 books that I read
Wait a minute...
I could choose to be anything in the world, why dead?
Yo FUCK this shotgun
FUCK this sad shit, it's not fun!
FUCK complainin about the hot sun!
I'm not done... there are losers and I am NOT one!
I put my hand in the oven, grab me some hot buns!
'Cause it's WORTH burnin my hand for!
I'm a proud, strong, sexy, talented, ingenious
Kind, lovin, no-nonsense man whore!
I know the beat makes you wanna cry
But DROP that ass to the damn floor!
We're not givin up, man... FUCK that!
Fuck that, we're ABOVE that!
I create happiness, life I love that
So haters, my dick, SUCK that
My shirt, lemme TUCK that
It's time bounce the fuck back
I think I just heard a duck quack

I think I just heard a duck quack
It's time to bounce the fuck back
It's time to blast up outta this quicksand
Lemme put on my mud flaps
Track Name: Mouse and Kitty
I'm an adult now
Well this is shitty
I miss runnin round the house with Mr. Mouse and Mrs. Kitty
Playin with Hot Wheels cars and Dragonball z toys
I miss bein a free boy
Everybody wishes they could be a child again
Because if they could, they could smile again
With no strings attached
And no stings or zaps
From our ego
And as time goes on, where will we go as a people?
God ain't comin, thank god for that
I lost my youth and I want it back
If I could just locate that fountain, man
If I could just be free like a mountain man
If I could just live in that old house again
With Mr. Mouse and friends
God damn, I can feel it like it's happenin now
It is, isn't it?
I'm a kid again
Expressin myself, not carin who's listenin
'Cause when you're a kid, you got permission to be innocent
And when you grow a bit, they force you to sit and spin
But not me, dude
I'm forever in preschool
Track Name: I'm Gonna Ride My Bike on a Chemtrail
I'm gonna ride my bike on a chem trail
Fresh manicure, look at them nails
I'm chowin kale while you gobble entrails
Duality's fake, I flip a coin and get heads and tails
Transparency, caught-on-cam fails
Haters blow me constantly, my hate mail's fan mail
Surf the crowd while their hands flail
Stackin thousands in PayPal
I'm here to stay, 'til my ashes spread
My darkest secrets seen the light a day, just ask the feds
There ain't a file that could compromise me
So fuck you to any slave driver who wants to buy me
In this circus, I'm always on time to be untimely
At the front of the line with judgemental clowns behind me
I got dibs though, I'm not disco
And I'm not just leavin my heart in San Francisco
I'm spreadin this soul globally
My source energy, just like my spit, flows openly
I came here to transcend it all, bend the walls
I'mma cause all of them to fall
The wreckin' ball
Track Name: AQUARIUS
Here be Aquarius
Appearin' nefarious
Sincerely just really just changin' the way that the globe spins
Long as the sun's glowin'
I am Atlas, behold balance, carry the world on its axis
Behold the seasons of change
Snapshots of dead leaves, yet you see me as strange
Nerds rule the world
We put power in dollars, words, jewels and pearls
The beauty in the eye of the beholders
Flames of fury in the eye of the lion
Radiate through my spine made of iron
I soar through infinity
A sight for an eye sore, I'm more than divinity
I AM the future, join me or get outta my way
The future's androgynous, the future is grey
The balance of black and white under bluer skies
The absence of fear of the question "Who am I?"
Live is my answer to "Do or die?"
I am the antithesis to suicide
I embody everything that brews inside
I believe I can fly
'Cause a couple brothers did and invented the biplane
I don't just see with my eyes
Pineal gland decalcified, my third eye trained
On the prize with no cash price
Freedom, the milk drawn out by the proverbial galactite
Glimpse in the dark, climb out ya box, it ain't packed right
Ain't tryna settle for the glow of a black light
The sun's out, gotta run, gotta gun down
Some challenges, time for some travelin
No dumb down, time for fun, gotta jump now
Have a gatherin, after it, maybe play me some backgammon
The sun's down, time to bunk the clock's unwound
'Cause time is somethin I'm imaginin
I clock out, The Sand Man stands as Kung Pao
Rejuvenate as my hourglass fill with sand again

And I be who I am, my friend
And I do what I wanna do
And it goes on and on with the ampersands
Even beyond buildin Xanadu
And I be who I am, my friend
And I do what I wanna do
And it goes on and on with the ampersands
Even beyond buildin Xanadu
Track Name: Maybe There Was Time
I can see you in the distance
Everything is not okay
I look at the price we all have paid
And maybe there was time for us
But it's gone now
No time for judgin right and wrong now
I'm gettin on that plane
Headed toward LA
This city's just a scab
And I lost everything I ever had

Ya know, it's funny
I barely ever was present in any of my class semesters
And yet I'm changin the world playin Steve Jobs like Michael Fassbender
I look back at this mess and I don't have regrets 'cause
Strength, wisdom and discipline's what my past rendered
Even though many of you will view me like a smashed fender
Love to all my old fam, friends, and band members
But my name is not Sidney, it's Glyphick The Transcender
And no I'm not religious, and yes I'm transgender
There it is, no half measures, a full dose of me
The same dude who made a mixtape about groceries
And to anybody who was ever close to me
The question's who you really are, not who you're supposed to be...
Track Name: Tides Turn
The tide is turnin
Ocean mist, sands of time
So many are drownin
Water ripples, hear the cries
The future isn't in a book
The future is afoot
Come to shore and take a look
Don't bite the bait upon the hook

We will all be free
It's up to you, it's up to me
'Cause they don't hear our screams
Why should they anyway?
We're the ones who bring a brand new day